ESCO Automatic Transfer Switch (LPT50BRD)

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The LPT50BRD Automatic Transfer Switch is intended for usage as an electrical transfer switch to automatically switch multiple sources from one to another.  Automatically switches from power cord to generator and includes a
Heavy duty relay assembly that will handle a 50 amp power cord and up to 12KW generator. The LPT50BRD transfers two hot poles and neutral simultaneously. The unit offers generator start up delay to provided time for the generator to get up to speed. The LPT50BRD is designed with DC coiled relays to reduce hum, and terminal blocks to simplify wire connections. The transfer switch is quick and easy to install.

Note: This unit will not work with Winnebago's energy management system.

Item#: LPT50BRD
Manufacturer: Esco

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2 reviews for ESCO Automatic Transfer Switch (LPT50BRD)

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is a great switch- well built, easy to install, runs right out of the box. Appears that it should last for years- construction is metal, some of the switches in this price range are plastic, and don’t last a long time. I could not be happier with this unit- performs perfectly.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Upon receiving the Switch was impressed with how well it was built (Metal Case over Plastic case of switch it replaced). Terminal connections are easy to reach and connect, installation was quick and easy with no issues when powered up. Purchased this unit based on internet feedback and very satisfied with the purchase. Only suggestions to ESCO would be changed L2 wiring from Black to Red so there is better tracing wiring from phase to phase on the relays.

    Rate the switch 5 Stars out of 5.

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  • Had the exact Automatic Transfer Switch at a great price. Shipped the same day I ordered it and was in my hands two days later. Could not be happier! Will definitely return to RV Powerhouse in the future.H. Ammenheuser
  • Outstanding Customer support.... Very pleasant and easy to work with.... I will buy all my Motorhome parts from them......Ronald Gerst
  • I called the service dept. to verify what I needed...the gentleman on the phone treated me like he knew me and was more than willing to help me.... Awesome service, quick delivery...great experience...and the girl that answered the phone to direct my call... equally as nice...I hope I do not need more parts, but if I do...RVPowerhouse will be my first call.Carl Reidy
  • The representative was knowledgeable and answered my questions. I ordered the the product and received it the next day. It operated as described. Had a great experience.Bob Belschner
  • Could not believe that I ordered the part Sunday afternoon and it came Tuesday I love this place!!!Doug Wpoker